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This is fabulous.


Bestselling writer Stephen King reading in the middle of a Red Sox baseball game. His team, the Red Sox, were losing, so he made the best of that time. The book he’s reading is Kate Atkinson’s book, When Will There Be Good News?

"The book Cosima reads Kira is written by my very own Mum, Ainslie Manson.Truth be told #CloneClub, this book also offered the opportunity slip in a little puppy reference for all the Cophine fans. And this has been the most surprising and rewarding thing for everyone here at The Hive – the level of engagement from YOU." - Graeme Manson [x]

You’re the puppy.


Orange is the New Black explaining the fun that is the Dewey Decimal System!



tumblurredline: Rainbow Reads is not free, it's a for profit corporation making a subscription based app to "educate" people using the 2 million dollars that we gave them. Fuck you


You make me sad.

If you watch the Kickstarter video you’ll notice two things; one - the app has already been out for two years and has successfully been helping hundreds of thousands of kids already. And two - that for children and schools in need the app and other programs associated with the Reading Rainbow program will be absolutely free. Levar Burton said that like five times, and that’s something you can take his word for.

As far as I know LeVar Burton doesn’t need the 3 million dollars raised so far. This isn’t money for a crappy government operated corporation, this isn’t money going into one man’s pocket either. This is money that will be used to actually help educate children all across the world in need. Obviously some of the money has to be used for programers, artists, writers, licenses to use books and other materials… but for the most part I can guarantee that the majority of it will be used to actually help educate children around the world. Even the money being used to pay for artists, programmers, writers, and licenses is indirectly being used to help educate children because they’re the brains behind a program like Reading Rainbow.

When Reading Rainbow aired on television it aired on PBS (Public Broadcasting Station). PBS has always been free and publicly funded. Reading Rainbow wasn’t on Fox, or NBC, or ABC or some other multimillion dollar operated TV station getting payoffs from the government. When the show was on TV it was publicly funded through PBS. Reading Rainbow is still looking to be publicly funded and instead will be made available through the web and apps for computers and other digital devices.

LeVar explained in the video that today’s generation of kids are different. It’s going to be a lot harder to get a child to sit in front of a TV; and only having an educational program available on TV actually makes it a lot harder to access. Building an app and basing the new format of Reading Rainbow on the web means that kids will literally have access to it every second of every day!

The money being used is to make sure they can reach children all over the world and to help educate them, and it will also make sure that the app and program is easier to be reached as well. For 30 years Reading Rainbow has been successfully helping educate children all over the world. Funding the Kickstarter campaign will help make sure they do it for another 30!

And sure, some schools are going to have to pay for the apps and the Reading Rainbow program, but they can afford it because they are not a school in need. There are schools all around the United States and the world, however, that can not afford programs like Reading Rainbow; they can not afford the basic tools and programs needed to help educate their students. And as far as I know, with the money donated, Reading Rainbow’s gonna do a lot more to help educate children in this country than the US government ever did.

I am a privileged individual who always went to pretty good public schools that were always properly funded. But even I had a hard time reading. I had a speech impediment until I was nine and was held back in the first grade because I still hadn’t learned how to read. Every day I went home and I watched Reading Rainbow; and while watching that show I developed the courage and strength that I needed to learn how to read. Imagine how much worse it might have been if I didn’t have access to something like Reading Rainbow, or if I was part of a school system that was underfunded and didn’t care about my education.

I can look at the individual I am today, and look at some of my strengths and passions, and honestly look back and recognize that Reading Rainbow helped develop them; that’s something you can take my word for. I had to take the first grade twice because I couldn’t read. After I was held back I started watching Reading Rainbow and started to recognize and understand the potential that I had, and the benefit of reading. By the time I reached third grade I was part of the GATE program and all through out Middle School and High School I was part of many advanced placement courses. Thanks to Reading Rainbow I cared about my education, and it helped encourage me to read, to learn, and to become the person I am today.

I was fortunate enough that through out my life as a student, I always had access to something like Reading Rainbow. Others are not as fortunate, and funding the Kickstarter will make sure that they are.

Reading Rainbow changed my life! Today, as a successfully educated 30 year old who still loves to read on a daily basis - I will do whatever I can to make sure that Reading Rainbow continues to change children’s lives for the better!